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HIKINEX is a virtual workforce that plugs into your business for as much support as you need.

Whether you are building a program from the ground up, solving a short-term need, or shifting responsibilities for the long term, HIKINEX is your trusted partner in outsourcing Recruiting Support, Sales Support, Customer Experience, Back-Office Solutions, E-discovery Staffing, and Accounting Support.

We provide skilled professionals at your service for a fraction of overhead cost, reduced expenses, and efficient processes. No matter the scope or timeline of your project, we will integrate with your team to provide help from behind the scenes, allowing for united, and effective progress toward reaching your goals.


We specialize in supporting your business so that you can focus
on maximizing your growth and profit.

Customer Experience 

Customer Experience Management

Reinforce brand loyalty by giving your customers the best customer experience possible. 

Sales Support

Sales Support

Boost your sales and take your business potential to the next level! Let us help you make meaningful connections with qualified prospects! 

Back-Office Solutions

Back-Office Solutions

Concentrate on achieving results by delegating time consuming tasks to HIKINEX!  

Recruiting Support

Recruiting Support

With a strong core understanding of the recruiting process, HIKINEX Recruiting Support can help with many of the administrative processes required to reduce Time-To-Fill and select only elite candidates fit for your open positions.

E-Discovery Staffing

E-Discovery Staffing

HIKINEX eDiscovery project managers and analysts are fully knowledgeable of your industry software such as NUIX and RELATIVITY making our staff ready to plug-in to your team and assist your business.

Accounting Support

Accounting Support

With a dedicated team of Accounting staff, may it be for short-term or long-term projects, we are able to support your business in accomplishing tasks such as account reconciliations, bookkeeping, and collection.

We go beyond solutions. We provide strategic and attainable end-results to help your company scale faster, create value to your business and increase profit.

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Experience the
HIKINEX Advantage

With our scale and extensive experience in offshore recruiting from the Philippines, HIKINEX has deep expertise with delivering results across all industries from small to large scale staffing companies and clients across the US. Our expertise reduces risk and ensures optimized value delivery. Our selection of the Philippines as our offshore recruiting services delivery location, coupled with the investments and value we make in our people further differentiates HIKINEX from the competition.

  • “HIKINEX helps manage my social media accounts for business and grow my online presence. It’s important to be at the forefront of a homebuyer’s mind right when they begin to think about investing in property, and I use HIX to help me increase my visibility in the Bay Area”

    Dirk Kinley

    Managing Director
  • “I’m a real estate agent and want to focus my energy on showings and potential buyers. I use HIKINEX for all the ancillary activities around my core business. They’ve revamped my website, helped me manage my lead list and sent thank you notes to all my clients. I’m going to be using them to help create my business card signature next!”

    Linda Bui

    Real Estate Agent
  • “I use HIKINEX for online marketing (specifically content social media marketing) research, and administrative support. They’re indispensable for simple, but time-consuming tasks like data entry, research, and QA testing for our platform. In fact, I use them for two separate businesses, Pitch Idea and Career Companion, and they do a great job of getting tasks done in a timely manner and owning the projects as if it is their own. I would highly recommend HIKINEX to anyone that wants to mind their business”

    Honey Patel

  • “I am always trying to find a work-life balance, and HIKINEX was a great find for me this year. They are that bridge between my busy personal and hectic work life. I’ve used them for everything from calendaring meetings to tracking my finances. I have even had HIKINEX help me book travel for family vacations. They are that extra support that was missing in my career and my life. I’m so grateful”

    Bruce Furukawa

    Founding Partner
  • “I’ve only been working with HIKINEX for a couple months now but they’ve amped up our recruiting efforts and now work seamlessly within our organization”

    Mar Dionson

    President of Darbas, LLC


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